Full Moon Abundence

What are Affirmations?

One very effective technique used to change energy is by using affirmations. Affirmations are actually very easy to do. Simply repeat at least 15-20 times a day, or write out on paper a statement such as *I deserve a healthy and joyful long term relationship, filled with love and devotion, and I shall find it very soon.*

You may even want to type your Affirmation out on paper and place it strategically around the house, where you’ll frequently see it. You should keep the message going in front of you for the entire period of time that it takes to attract the situation you are looking for.

The idea behind using this technique is that you are putting your intent out to attract to you what it is that you desire. You are, in a sense, changing the current energies to those that are more conducive to what you want most, by reprogramming your thoughts, and the way you view the self.. It is based on the Metaphysical principle, ” As ye think, ye are”. This technique can actually be used for anything that is important to you to attract in life.

As a side note, Affirmations are not something that should ever be sold. They are to be given with love, to be used freely, and when needed. It is simply one of those wonderful gifts from the Universe.

Sample Affirmations:

1.) I deserve to find a really rewarding new job, quickly and easily.

2.) I deserve a good promotion!

3.) I deserve to sell ( or buy ) my house, quickly and easily.

4.) I trust the Universe, that it will work for the greatest good, and I will be open to all opportunities.

Something that I found that I will be trying tonight. I really hope that it works out. I’m doing one in hopes that Nick will find a new rewarding job very soon. Something I hope and pray that he will be happy with.



~ by Snow on January 23, 2012.

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