Personal Resemblance

Father, forgive me for when I have failed to resemble You in thought, word, and deed.


What can I do today to reflect my resemblance to my personal God?

I know when I was in Christian school and went to church there was this long list of things that you should do to resemble God.

  • You couldn’t dye your hair.
  • You should only listen to Christian music.
  • Watch only Christian movies.
  • You shouldn’t read books that were approved by the church.
  • Tattoo were forbidden.
  • Makeup was natural if at all.
  • Piercing where only for girls and only 1 hole in your ear lobe.
  • Skirts where to be wore knee length and with hose.
  • Heels shouldn’t be higher then 3 inches…
The list goes on and on and on… the sad thing is I haven’t really followed any rule on that list. I don’t plan on dying my hair anymore, but not because I want my hair to be holy. There is just no reason too any more.
So what can I do today to reflect my resemblance to my personal God? I can be more Christ like just like Jesus told us to be. How you look doesn’t necessarily make you more Christ like. Though, how you act in my opinion does. If you judge people, and you are a hypocrite how Christ like do you really think that you are being?
Jesus welcome the children to be around him. He sat and ate with the sinners. He didn’t preach to them, but his whole life was a reflection of who he was. That is why people followed him and called him teacher and Master.



Ava Pennington. One Year Alone with God: 366 Devotions on the Names of God (p. 21). Kindle Edition.


~ by Snow on January 11, 2012.

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