The moon illuminates the earth

With wondrous sliver rays; Illuminate me through the night

And through the sun-lit days.

With harm to none. So blessed it be.


Tonight, is the night of the full moon. For those that walk a Wiccan or Pagan path it is considered an esbat. Something that up until recently though I have always been drawn to it has been a mystery to me. It still is a mystery to me for the most part. I have only uncovered a small amount of what our lady moon can do. She has shown that she is the lovely caring face of my Goddess to me, and I’m tempted to run and dance under her. Though, where I live that wouldn’t be a very good idea.

I use her to cleanse my stones and my home though. I try to open my windows on the night of the esbat to allow her soft glow to work her way through my home cleansing out any negative energy that may have gathered there. I find that this is much more effective.


~ by Snow on January 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Esbat”

  1. Not to be a stickler, but “esbats” were coven meetings (when I was member of a coven), whether full moon or no…

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