Wild Angels

Lately, I swear I feel the presence of my Heavenly Mother & Father surrounding me all the time. I haven’t been nearly as depressed, and I’m simply just happy. I know that Nick plays a big part of that, and I joke with him all the time telling him that he is my guardian angel. Though, I’m not sure how much of a joke that it is. He really does stand beside me, and he’s always there to pick me up if I trip. He leads me back to the fall if I happen to see something shiny that has caught my attention. [inside joke]

I can’t wait till I finish my paper and have the time to begin reading my new book for class. I don’t think I have been quite this excited about a class since I began school which will be a year this March. It’s simply amazing quite how fast time flies though really.


~ by Snow on January 7, 2012.

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