Cracking Down

Okay I have been totally slipping in school and slacking really bad lately. I just found out that my GPA dropped from a 3.6 to a 3.4 totally not in my goal range of 3.5+ though I’d be happier with something more in the 3.8+ range. So I’m going to be massively cracking down on my school work, and I won’t be dropping the ball any more. I will be doing school work from 2pm-5pm every day so please don’t bother me during those time periods.

Currently, I’m working to finish up my paper for  ANT 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology on the Navajo which is due Monday. I have almost seven pages complete right now and I need about 10. I just submitted what I have into the TurnItIn program that we have that checks for citations errors.

Today, my student portal open for my new class that begins Tuesday PHI 200 Mind and Machine.

“”Over the next five weeks we will be exploring our own belief systems and those of others as we learn to apply the tenets of philosophy to various questions and ideas. Having said that, it is extremely important that we approach this course with an open mind, respect the views and opinions of others and agree to disagree, since this course delves into topics (epistemology, ethics and religion) that can be highly controversial. As our text indicates, the study of philosophy is a mental exercise that affords us the opportunity to develop our ability to reason and use logic to construct meaningful arguments. Thus, it is essential that we speak from a place of respect, tact, diplomacy, reason and logic versus emotion in order to maintain an open dialogue free of antagonism and controversy. Attacking someone’s beliefs/opinions is not the same as challenging their views by asking constructive, thought-provoking questions based on logic and reason. “”

After, reading the introduction to this class I became actually quite excited about taking this course, because as everyone should know recently I started a spiritual quest within myself. I think that this class is exactly what will help me in this journey. I hope that I not only learn more about this class, but also about myself in the next five weeks.


~ by Snow on January 7, 2012.

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