I’m tired of people that are only around you to gain something from you. I want real friends that will stand by me no matter what. Friends that I don’t need to hide myself from, and they love me all the same. I seem to just gather fake friends around me constantly to have them throw me away when they no longer need me. In truth I don’t know who my real friends are anymore. Most seem to get caught up in drama and when I turn to walk away…they stay in it.

The better ones are the ones that have no issues calling you at two am in the morning, because they in truth really need a friend. Though, when you call them in desperate need you are greeting with nothing but silence, and when they do call you back all you hear is, “awww I’m sorry” pause, “Well this happened to me.” I have begun to cut the people that aren’t real out of my life, because I’m tired of the half promises, lies, and pain.

P.S. If you aren’t my friend let me know how so I can find unfriend button and start over somewhere else.



~ by Snow on January 6, 2012.

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