To do list…

Since, Nick is going to be leaving for his grandmothers funeral tomorrow afternoon I plan on keeping myself busy so that I don’t miss him too much. So I’m making a nice size to do list so that I have plenty to keep me busy.

Daily To do List

  • Take my medicine every night. 
  • Each one complete meal a day.
  • Write at least one blog daily.
  • Feed the cats
  • Make sure they have water.
  • Scoop their litter box.

Gaming To Do List

  • Finish getting the new guild bank tab.
  • Farm up mats for the guild bank.
  • Work on getting to level 15 in League of Legends

Christmas To Do List

  • Present(s) for Dad, Nick, and Dyllyn.
  • Decorate the house slightly.

House To Do List

  • Do all the laundry and put it away.
  • Fully clean the litter box once.
  • Wash all the sheets, and put them back on the bed.
  • Clean, cleanse, and purify the house.


~ by Snow on December 20, 2011.

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