A chance

Seems the person that I have been hoping to get back into contact with is giving me a chance. He’s allowing me to say how I was feeling at the time, and explain why I did what I did. He’s been talking to me for a good hour or so now, and I think we are smoothing things over. We might even be able to work out going back to a friendship. Which would be something that I don’t know if I deserve, but want more then anything else right now. I don’t have very many friends, and the ones I have seem to have very little time for me in their lives.

I don’t like friends that want from you 24/7, but don’t have an hour to spend on you in your time of need. Those friends are slowly being phased out of my life by their own accord. I’m not cutting ties with them. I am simply just not going out of my way for them.

If you read my Saying Nothing post then you will be able to understand this blog to it’s fullest extent.


~ by Snow on December 19, 2011.

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