Cleaning of more then just physical dirt.

I’ve been cleaning up the house for tonight. Not that it was that bad, but I like a clean house no matter the reason. I enjoy my home to be clean and clutter free. When it’s nasty and disorganized so is my life. It also doesn’t help with my health. I’m been ADD since I was like six years old. Though, not medically proved I also have slight OCD, and I have frequent panic attacks with anxiety.

So having the house disorganized means that I am more prone to anxiety, panic attacks, and just general ill health. Though, on the flip side I don’t like to clean daily so I don’t  like when I have to clean constantly after someone else. With my husband I couldn’t get one room clean without him walking behind me trashing it again. So I’m very happy that Nick helps out around the house. I also tend to clean while doing normal daily things. Like when I eat I clean whatever I used and put it away so that it doesn’t simply stack up in the sink.

Burning dragon’s blood and sage throughout the house all the time helps to keep the house spiritual cleansed. I have also began cleansing and charging my cleaning supplies so that it cleans the house more then just on a physical level. Then, of course I play music constantly which raises positive energy throughout my home. Making it welcoming and warm to all those that enter.

Also like my body I consider my home a temple. No one would want to meditate and praise in a dirty junked up church. Is your home a good reflection of your soul? Is it full of positive energy? or is in consumed in negative bad energy?


~ by Snow on December 17, 2011.

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