I ♥ Music

I don’t know about you, but I simply ♥ music. It inspires my soul to go to whole new levels that it didn’t even know were there. For me the music never stops in my home. I love listening to it 24/7. Though, of course I have different play list for different times of the day, my moods, when I sleep, yes have sex, and especially when I meditate. Though I find getting music that I can truly meditate to is quite difficult.

Tonight, though I got to burn a friend of mines new age CD’s and I loving the artist Enya. Before I met him I had never heard of her. Though, her music is beautiful and literally speak to me. I found my self cleaning up a storm dancing around, and running around in game and killing things to the beats.

Meditation for me isn’t just spiritual. I need it to train my mind to simply focus. Which sounds easy for most people, but I’m ADD. I’m also extremely forgetful, and I have been practicing meditation to help expand my attention span. I also use meditation to help me sleep at night, and I use it in my daily spiritual needs. So it’s become an essential part of my life. Though, it takes time to learn how to meditate properly for longer periods of time. I am simply happy that I am making progress.

So here is a few questions for everyone.

  • Do you meditate?
  • If you yes do you listen to music to help you?
  • What artist?
  • If no what do you find helps you the most?

~ by Snow on December 16, 2011.

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