Christmas in Heaven

January 5th and January 6th 2008 I gave birth to two premature baby twin girls name Annesley Michelle & Adrianna Lynn they unforuntely were just to small, and their lungs weren’t devolped yet. So they passed away within minutes of being born. I believe God gave me two little angels, and that they just needed to go back to him in heaven. Because, angels are hard to find.

Christmas is coming soon, and this song just makes me miss my twin angels so bad. Their 4th birth or anniversary of their death I see it as their 4th birthday, because I know in my heart they are running around in heaven. I know in my heart Jesus has his hands full with my girls if they are anything like me.

Though, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if they were here. What they would look like. They were born with dark hair and beautiful olive skin.  They would have be starting Kindergarten next year. I wonder how smart they would be. I know that they would be spoiled rotten, and that even though they have their Daddy who would love them no matter what. I know that they would love Nick and he would love them as his own.

My greatest Christmas wish of all would be to spend a day with them.


~ by Snow on December 16, 2011.

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