Food is something that none of us can live without for long, and it’s whats on my mind right now. Though, have you ever thought about what you eat? How about what it does to your body. Is it good and healthy food, or bad junk food that is going to make you fat? Here’s a thought most haven’t thought about what does the food you eat tell your God(s) Goddess(s) about you? According to at least the Bible your body is your temple. So how are you decorating your temple?

I know that I don’t allow eat the best of food though I am slowly learning what I should and shouldn’t eat. I’m eating a lot more greens and even salad. Though sadly I think I have to add a little too much ranch to be able to enjoy it. Though, I did which to lite ranch to help that out a little bit.  How about you? What are you eating? Does it please your God(s) and Goddess(s)? If not are you willing to change it?

What is a diet to you? For me a diet is changing what you eat for a temporary period of time. So I never say I’m not a diet  I say that I’m changing my eating habits for life.  How about you?


~ by Snow on December 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “Food”

  1. I am gluten-free – not because I want to be, but because my body does not tolerate gluten. I miss regular bread hard core, and it is much harder to find good GF options in the South than in the Pacific Northwest. Other than that, I generally cook at home, and I actually like things like fruits and vegetables, so it isn’t too hard to do alright by eating. My diet is always better when I’m regularly working out, though, since at those times I solidly view “food as fuel”, so I eat what I need to support my activity.

  2. I’ve heard several people over the years tell me they are gluten-free though I have yet to actually study what that is and means. Though, I know it has to suck when you want to eat something, but your body can’t handle it. I have many friends that are diabetic who would love nothing more then to sit down with a piece of double chocolate cake. We all know that wouldn’t go over too well with their bodies though.

  3. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. It is the part that makes dough “doughy”. Being gluten-free means no regular bread, pastries, pizza, or pasta, and also cuts out a lot of processed foods that use it and derivatives for preserving and keeping food from getting sticky. Being GF means a lot of rice, potatoes, and corn – and “specialty” doughs and mixes made from those flours instead of wheat. I think being diabetic would be harder – I can at least eat all the chocolate I want!

  4. I admit to eating fatty, salty, and sugary foods. Then AFTERWARDS I end up freaking out about the content and whether it’s going to create clots in my body (a huge fear of mine) and yeah. *facepalms* I definitely need to change my eating habits, but it’s hard. But do I want to become diabetic like my parents? No. Do I want high blood pressure (it was already “a little high” at my last doc visit)? No. So I have to do something about it. :\ I take fish oil capsules to help cut down the fat, and sometimes an aspirin, but that’s probably not exactly great. So…more fruit, more veggies. Gotta cut back. I have to think about what to do. *nods*

  5. Best of luck with it all! Dietary changes aren’t always easy, but some things get better over time where making the “right” choice isn’t hard anymore. When I switched to water from soda, it made me gag. Fast forward a few years, and soda burns so hard that I’d rather have water. Switched from ground beef to ground turkey – the meat seemed weird and bland. Fast forward a few years, and ground beef seems unappealingly greasy. Same with fast food – once the body gets used to better foods, it is easier not to want the worse stuff. But to be honest, there are definitely times when you still want something that you know isn’t great. The best thing to do is forgive yourself if you do eat it – can’t undo it. Pick yourself up and move forward. Obsessing about it will just make you think about it more, which can make you crave it more. If you can give yourself compassion and not shame, it is easier to move it from your mind. 🙂

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