The Full Moon and Goddess

The full moon and the Goddess are still both mysterious to me. It’s always been there every month in the sky, but until last year I never really felt the moon. Which is why I say that I found it roughly a little over a year ago now. I was enchanted by is divine magical pull on my heart, mind, and soul so I started coming out each full moon and simply watching it. After several month I began to meditate under it, and even before I knew it I was drawing it into me. Filling me with love, creative, passion, wisdom, and so much more.

Now though the full moon is a visual symbol of my Goddess who is so new in my life. Praying to God & Jesus all my life adding her into my prayers has felt awkward with the words that I use, but it doesn’t feel wrong either.  Though, under the full moon with my prayers lifting to the Goddess as I call the moon into myself I feel alive almost invincible. The cycle will continue you, and with it my knowledge and understanding.

Sadly, living in my apartment I don’t get to go outside naked under the moon’s light. Though, I tend to spend most of the three days of the full moon naked within my home.


~ by Snow on December 12, 2011.

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