Rift is my addiction of choice, and in my personal opinion is one of the best fantasy MMO’s out there. Today, I got to log in game for the first time since like a week before we moved. I have missed this game simply too much. I found my guild Insight intact still. I was extremely worried that it would have crumbled with out us there to guide it. Though, I’m extremely glad that wasn’t the case at all.

Click the picture for the seven day free trial.

Honored Defiant! You have been invited by Jezerae of Estrael shard to play the RIFT free trial and enter the battle to save Telara!

The dragons muster their cults and hordes of monsters to sweep across Telara, and your friend needs you at their side during the elemental onslaught to come.

The seven day free trail comes will all of this. 


You will receive these special rewards for answering your friend’s call:

  • Novitiate’s Phylactery – A trinket that increases all experience gained by 5% until level 20!
  • Special in-game title: “The Chosen”
  • You and your friend will be linked forever, able to teleport to one another’s locations once every thirty minutes.
  • You and your friend will have all of each other’s characters automatically entered in your Friends Lists.

If you choose to purchase and subscribe* to RIFT following the free trial, you will also receiveAscended Treasure, a wondrous chest containing the following rewards:

  • 10x Inscribed Sourcestone
  • 5x Plaque of Achievement
  • 3x Mark of Ascension
  • 2x Lucky Coin
  • 5x Mark of Retribution

About RIFT

Invasions unfold zone-wide, creating epic conflicts that bring you into the story! Save the world now alongside hundreds of other players or fight to reclaim lands from invading hordes.

8 Primal Forces: Creatures from the Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Life, and Death planes battle for control of the world of Telara! Two warring factions—the Guardians and the Defiant—face off against each other and fight extra-planar creatures as they seek to save the world.

Build Your Class: No other game lets you build your class the way RIFT does. Specialize in a single class or pick and choose abilities from many to create a character uniquely suited to your play style—and have fun while you experiment!

Choose Your Role: Each character can have up to five different roles, so you can choose different classes for every situation! You might have one for PvP and another for raids; or perhaps you want a high-damage or high-defense build. The choice is yours to mix and match as you see fit!

PvP Combat: Battle others in exhilarating Player vs. Player combat! Earn PvP ranks, titles, loot, and unique Souls to further enhance your character. Head to cross-server Warfronts and fight others in world PvP.

Full-Featured: Guilds, dungeons, raids, auctions, crafting, a vibrant economy, Player vs. Player combat, and more!

Deeper Gameplay: New features like Guild Quests and Artifact Collections enhance your gaming experience by giving you earned achievements that matter.

Highly Accessible HD Graphics: Play a game that has stunning visuals on virtually any computer, even if your PC isn’t state-of-the-art.


~ by Snow on December 12, 2011.

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