The Navajo

I was going to write my research paper on the Semai though since I can’t find hardly any hard information on these people outside of the text book I have decided to switch my topic to the Navajo which I have found a lot more have been written on over the year. I think that I will be able to write enough about them to completely my paper, and I actually might enjoy learning more about their culture.

So I just spend the last like 3 1/2 hours researching the Navajo which wasn’t as hard as the Semai, but still pretty brain frying. Finding out about them easy… there medicine and religious beliefs = to nailing jello to a tree. Currently have like 5 sources 1 of which is a book that I’m going to read/skim, and another being a 35 page scholarly medical journal I found on shamanism.


~ by Snow on December 10, 2011.

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