Some Holiday Cheer

We survived the Holiday rush at Wal-Mart today picking up enough groceries to hopefully last us through the month. We also got a lot of household items that we needed badly like floor pads for my Swiffer, a toilet bowel cleaning wand, Ziploc bags, foil wrap, and a glass oven cooking pan that I’m super happy about. Sadly the laundry hamper is going to have to wait till next week or so. I just don’t have 20.00 to fork on something like that.

Shopping today was a completely different experience then when I use to do it with Jon. Going with Jon he would have picked up as little as possible for the house and for our tummies, and spend the rest of the money buying a new video game or something for him. While making me feel bad about the money we had to put into the house and that if I didn’t eat so much we wouldn’t have to spend so much money. With Nick though it was different he was suggesting things that I put off saying that we could wait on, and encourage me to pick out things that I would like to cook.

Tomorrow, Comcast will be out first thing in the morning, and we will have our internet back. This makes me super happy. I admit that I’m slightly addicted, and I’m going to work on that, but I need it for school more than anything. Though, I do enjoy playing my game in the evenings.  I mainly miss talking to my friend’s online using instant messenger and in game.


~ by Snow on December 9, 2011.

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