A Major decision

Once you learn to look honestly at yourself, you can change anything about yourself. Once you learn to look honestly at cause and effect, you will be able to accurately judge the effect this change will require, and decide if it’s worth it. Once you learn to look honestly at the situation around you, it becomes malleable to your will. At the very least, you can change your attitude about it once you understand it, Understanding comes with this kind of honesty. -Robin Wood

I have been going to Ashford University online for a degree in Early Childhood Education since March of 2011. So well over six months now… Though, lately I have felt my heart pulling me in a different direction. I think that the Lord and Lady want me to change my degree major. At first I wasn’t sure what I am suppose to change it too. Though, when I sat down and asked the first thought that came into my mind was Children Social Services.  So today, I decided to send an email to my academic advisor and see if it’s possible to change my major, and what I would need to accomplish a degree for that career field.

In doing this I also did a little research on it, and I believe I may be switching my degree major to Social and Criminal Justice. Which has courses in the following fields
Corrections Management, ForensicsHomeland Security, Political Science & Government, and Security Management. All of which I do have an interest in. I am concerned if I will mentally be able to do it though. Being bombarded with stories of rape, pain, death, and cruelty generally is not my cup of tea.  Though, I truly believe this is the path that I am to take right now. So I know that even if I can’t do it now my Lord & Lady will show me how to over come my fears, and to get over my fears and dis-beliefs.


~ by Snow on December 4, 2011.

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